Over the past six months, Santis conducted 40 interviews with senior policymakers, oncologists, hospital pharmacists and patient group executives across the country – all with the goal of better understanding how best to capture the full potential of oncology therapeutic biosimilars. The key insights, challenges and opportunities we identified led to 5 recommendations:

  1. Act Now
    Moving quickly – and together – to leverage the period of time before the anticipated wave of oncology therapeutic biosimilars arrive in the Canadian market; 

  2. Move Together
    Working with – and through – pan-Canadian and federal organizations to simultaneously accelerate multiple provincial markets; 

  3. Educate Patients and Physicians
    Supporting education programs for front-line providers and patient groups; 

  4. Connect Savings and Access
    Highlighting the new treatments that could become available as a result of the introduction and uptake of oncology therapeutic biosimilars; and 

  5. Implement Through Institutions
    Bringing together multiple stakeholders to create a clear roadmap for implementation.